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What Is A Franchise?

Franchises provide a way for individuals to start their own businesses with the backing of an established brand and business process. The UK Franchise Directory allows you to search for a Franchise in the UK. By buying a franchised business opportunity you greatly improve your chances of succeeding in business - indeed, the British Franchise Association recently claimed that more than 90% of franchisees are still trading profitably after five years.

Franchising is a system of expansion for companies whereby a business, usually one that has registered growth over a significant period of time, licences out the rights to trade, under its name, to a franchise owner in a new location or territory. The operational practices and general procedures are thus transferred, enabling a consistent business model to spread across an area rapidly and securely.

Franchisees benefit directly from the security and support of a highly experienced franchisor, an often well-established brand with an excellent reputation within its field and a proven business model of which to refer to and follow for success. It is these factors primarily amongst a range of other benefits that have enabled savvy investors, banks and businesspeople to embrace the system almost universally and gain incomparable levels of success.

UK Franchise Opportunities

UK businesses that explore the franchise route for expansion will create a franchise opportunity for entrepreneurs, looking for their next prosperous business opportunity, to invest in. Often franchise businesses do not require a specific background or skillset, but place more weight on enthusiasm and a willingness to work within a franchise model. UK opportunities vary greatly and whatever an investors area of interest, it is likely there is an opportunity that will provide job satisfaction, a return on investment and, potentially, long-term happiness as the boss of a flourishing business.

Paying management service fees opens up lucrative Franchise Opportunities and gives the franchise owner the right to use intellectual property of the franchisor. Franchise opportunities are more reliable since you feel more secure and confident owing to the fact that there's a demand for the chosen product or service. Please explore our Franchise Opportunities section for more information.

Business Format Franchises

Those who agree to franchise are able to draw from a ready-to-execute business model. The research has already been done for the franchisees, by the franchisor, who also gives a clear idea of the impending challenges in terms of competition and an insight into how to tackle market challenges by differentiating yourself from your competitors.

It is important to remember that many franchise businesses are 100 per cent scalable, meaning that the role a franchisee takes on, initially, has the potential to develop into one of purely management. In many franchise models too, the concept of multi-location ownership is actively encouraged by the franchisor, enabling business owners to become even wealthier depending on the limits of their own ambition.

UK Franchises

We are a market leader providing information about UK Franchises with varied investment levels and a range of different industries. All of our information about UK Franchises is comprehensive and up-to-date, allowing you to search for opportunities with UK Franchises.

We have a number of franchise opportunities and guidance articles throughout this site to ensure you are fully aware of all the factors involved in owning, operating and buying a franchise before you get anywhere near to the investment phase. This is your number one resource for information on franchise opportunities recruiting in the UK.

Read testimonials and franchise success stories, including pitfalls to look out for, from those that have been there and done it already. Franchising, by its very nature, is building upon the success and experiences of others.

Franchising Your Business

Almost every one of the franchise opportunities on this site started out as a single business turning a profit and looking to expand. If you're looking to grow your business, but cannot afford the time or cost to expand yourself then franchising provides an excellent opportunity to expand with minimal risks and set-up costs. Our Franchising tips section will help you set up and avoid the most common mistakes.