25 years of Molly Maid franchises

This year, one of the UK’s oldest franchises has completed 25 years of professional maid services. In the past decade alone, Molly Maid has carried out over two million cleans and has made good profits.

Estimates imply that the domestic cleaning market employs more than 200,000 people and is worth over £3billion. Pam Bader set up Molly Maid in the UK in 1984. Now it has a turnover of £12million annually and 69 franchisees across the UK.

In 1979, a Canadian created the original concept. Now, it operates in Canada, the US, Portugal, Japan, Puerto Rico and Bermuda. Molly Maid offers a trademark “per clean charge” wherever the franchisees operate in the world.

Molly Maid customers have to pay for the service rather than paying by the hour, and franchisees employ easily identifiable uniformed maids.

Molly Maid staff firstly visit the customer to assess the job. They provide an estimate for the time and then charge accordingly. They also consider the frequency of visits.

According to Pam Bader, their continuous success is the result of their desire and hard work to offer customer care with the power of the brand.

Molly Maid also allows people to run their own business from home without experience or formal qualifications.