PC PAL Engineer To Take Part In 24-hour Sponsored Race

PC PAL Engineer John Savage, who covers the Bristol East and Bath region for PC PAL, is taking part in a 24-hour sponsored race for the charity ‘Jamie’s Farm’ on 7th July 2012.

The whole PC PAL team will be supporting him all the way and encouraging everyone to sponsor John for this tough and challenging task. John said: "On 7th July, I’ll be competing in the Bontrager 24/12 mountain bike race at Newnham Park near Plymouth, I’m entered as a solo rider in the 24 hour event, which is tough for a young man, let alone an old git approaching bus pass age.

"I’ve been training through the winter, trying to put in 6-8 hours riding a week, which hasn’t been easy due to work and getting motivated on cold and wet winters evenings! I’m also going to enter a few lead up events and will be spending a week training / enjoying life in Spain in May. Please help me raise money for Jamie’s Farm , a small local charity, as they do great work with children from challenging schools, enabling them to fulfill their potential in education and socially.

"A friend, Brian, has volunteered to be my pit helper to keep me and my bike going so it’s a joint effort and if you can spare some cash to sponsor me I would be very grateful. You can sponsor me for each lap completed, about 11-12 Km, for every hour I ride or for completing the event."

John is one of our longest running franchisees, joining PC PAL early 2009, and has always provided a reliable and consistent service to his local customers around the Bristol East and Bath areas.