When is a job not a job? When it's a job franchise!

As an alternative to seeking future employment, consider the idea of owning a job franchise. There are more than a thousand franchise opportunities available in the UK and it's estimated that more than half of these can be described as job franchises.

A job franchise is not just a job. You are building an asset (the business) in addition to your day-to-day income. This business can usually be sold on at a later date, providing you with a lump sum should you decide to move on to something new.

As a job-franchise "franchise owner" you are also your own boss and can often set your own hours and make decisions about how to grow and build your income, whilst operating within the proven franchise system.

Example job franchises

These include vehicle based businesses, where you offer a product or service under the franchise brand. Examples in the automotive sector include tyre fitting, mobile vehicle valeting and on the spot repairs.

In business to business these range from consultancy and recruitment through to supplying B2B products.

In cleaning and maintenance, these cover domestic, commercial and specialised sectors, ranging from 5 star hotels through to cleaning and deodorising rubbish bins!

There are also job-franchise opportunities in sectors such as health, beauty and indoor and outdoor property care.

Resettlement advisors and job centre managers are now encouraging people to consider the idea of owning a franchise as a better alternative than employment for people that have some capital and the desire to be their own boss.

Publications that provide an immediate insight include The United Kingdom Franchise Directory and The Franchise Magazine.