Roger Runswick, Founder And Managing Director Of The 50plus Organisation Answers Your Questions.

The 50plus was established in 2001 and has an excellent track record in establishing and delivering plumbing, electrical and handyman services across a broad geographic area. With the recognised and differentiating 50plus brand and established marketing, advertising and administration systems, you can build a strong company and reap the rewards that success brings.

What does The 50plus mean?

50plus deploys an experienced workforce. There is no age barrier, either way! Our existing service providers and franchise managers come from a wide variety of backgrounds including engineering, industry and IT and business. Managers do not need to be technically qualified. Individual service provider franchisees need practical skills.

Why should I buy the franchise?

Buying our franchise means you will benefit from our developed service, marketing and systems of The 50plus company so you will be able to start in business quickly with a far higher likelihood of success.

Do I have to be an experienced business person?

No. You need to understand the basics of how a business works and management experience is helpful when employing staff. Franchise companies such as 50plus will be able to help you with a business plan.

Should I visit the franchise company?

Yes. You will be able to see the operational base, get a feel for their culture and how you will fit in. They should also be able to put you in touch with existing franchisees.

What ongoing support should I expect?

You should expect to work with the franchise company and benefit from a range of business, marketing and technical support.

What does 50plus provide that's different?

In addition to over 10 years experience 50plus provides centralised booking with knowledgeable staff (minimising administration), excellent technical and marketing and sales support and a supportive culture to help you succeed.

What's the one important question to ask? Will I fit in?

The cultural fit is one of the most important success factors. If you are happy with the people and environment then it will an enjoyable business.