6 Ways To Grow Your Business

Simon Royal explains how the six publications produced by Franchise Development Services Ltd will help grow your business...

Founded in 1981, Franchise Development Services (FDS) was formed when genuine Business Format Franchising was in its infancy. FDS recognised the need in the industry for a magazine to push franchising forward.

The Franchise Magazine

The Franchise Magazine was launched in 1985 and has since been acknowledged as 'Britain's best selling franchise magazine' (WH Smith) and is recognised as an effective method of recruiting franchisees and as an educational medium for prospective and established franchisees and franchisors.

During more than 20 years, the magazine has been used by some of the best known franchise brands to recruit franchisees, with several using it exclusively to achieve their recruitment objectives. Some that experimented with other forms of advertising soon discovered how their network grew as a result and wondered why they hadn't taken this route earlier.

Franchisors use The Franchise Magazine for several reasons: to launch a franchisee recruitment programme and to subsequently appoint pilot franchisees; as an ongoing source of franchisee leads to continue developing the network; to target specific geographical areas as the network reaches completion; to advertise the availability of franchises for re-sale; and to plan their annual exhibition attendance.

Unlike many leads from less refined response generators such as newspapers and websites, which tend to attract more 'impulse responses', the leads from The Franchise Magazine are 'considered purchasers'. There may be fewer leads than those from national or regional newspapers, but they will be pre-qualified and therefore meet the desired requirements thus avoiding wasting time and resources. The Franchise Magazine is bought by people who are serious and focused about buying a franchise.

This is a guide no franchisor or potential franchisee should be without. Franchisors that have recruited franchisees from readers of The Franchise Magazine are TaxAssist Accountants, Filtafry, Cash Generator, London House, Northwood Franchise, Guardian Homecare, Snack-In-The-Box...

This sample list demonstrates the broad range of business sectors served by The Franchise Magazine. Everything from cleaning and maintenance to consultancy and domiciliary care. It also reveals the varied occupational backgrounds of readers. In fact, anything from accountants, teachers and company directors to sales executives, engineers and police officers. Whatever your ideal franchisee profile, such people will be reading the magazine. Often, people who visit specific franchises at exhibitions will have first been switched on to them by reading The Franchise Magazine, which also advertises forthcoming exhibitions - many advertisers, realising this, even use The Franchise Magazine to preview their exhibition stand numbers.

The Franchise Magazine also works as an educational medium, liaising with the British Franchise Association, academics, researchers, franchise historians, seminar leaders and conference organisers to create a more franchise-wise readership. Franchisors also use The Franchise Magazine to explain their industry sectors to readers. The wide range of advisory features offer guidance to all types of readers - those wanting to buy a franchise, those running franchise networks, those generally involved in franchising and those thinking of franchising their business. There's also the 'Talking to Franchisees' features, which allow readers access to the experiences of existing franchisees - probably the best way to help them make up their minds about the best opportunities for them.

All of which can be achieved by a broad range of promotional options - major gatefold, multi-page promotions like ChipsAway, cover stories like Printing.com, four page sections like Jani-King, three pagers like Mark Elliot, double page spreads like Northwood Franchise, Kall Kwik and Chemex, one pagers like Global Travel, Dyno-Rod and the banks, half-pagers like PDC and Puccino's or low-cost National Franchise Showcase entries like Beaverscreens and Merry Maids.

The United Kingdom Franchise Directory

Following on from the rapid success of The Franchise Magazine, The United Kingdom Franchise Directory was launched in 1985. Holding the National Franchise Register, FDS compile a complete list of all known franchisors in the UK, which then appear in the pages of The United Kingdom Franchise Directory. This award-winning publication is now in its 21st edition and offers in-depth information such as cost of franchise, company description, expansion planned, training and support provided. It also distinguishes between franchisors looking to recruit franchisees and those who are not. Listing over 600 UK franchisors and a pain-staking 2,000 hours of research to provide accurate information, The United Kingdom Franchise Directory also provides advice and guidance on franchising to The Franchise Magazine. This award winner is now a 'full colour' publication, is more than a 'directory of information', and a means of advertising and lead generation.

Franchise International

The need for international expansion was met in 1991, when Franchise International launched to cater for the worldwide market. Franchise International features franchise brands from around the world looking to expand into new international markets by offering Regional and National Master Franchises, including in the UK.

Just some of the clients who have chosen to promote their opportunities within Franchise International over the past 12 years are: BO Concept, Burger King, Cheeseburger In Paradise, Contours Express, Mobil' Affiche, Restaurant La Boucherie, Sbarro, Subway, SFC Express and SuperSeal International.

Irish Franchise Magazine

Eight years after The Franchise Magazine was launched, FDS broke into the Irish market with The Irish Franchise Magazine. A population with ample disposable income and people seeking Master, Area and single-unit franchises, Ireland was ready to embrace franchising, which is now widely supported by various franchise organisations. The Irish Franchise Magazine focuses on franchisee recruitment and franchise development in Ireland, promotes the Belfast and Dublin Franchise Exhibitions, and supports the efforts of the Irish Franchise Association to promote ethical Franchising throughout Ireland.

The Irish Franchise Magazine has helped brands such as Agency Express, Ladies Workout Express, Myhome, National Schoolwear Centres, Prontaprint, Puccino's, Signs Express, and Snack-in-the-Box expand their franchise networks throughout Ireland.

The magazine is published bi-annually to meet growing demand from investors seeking franchise opportunities for Ireland and distributed via franchise exhibitions, the newsstands, Irish banks, franchise advisers, hotels, airports, FDS database prospects, the Irish Franchise Association, job centres, resettlement offices, and all established and prospective Irish franchisors.

European Franchising

Hot on the heels of The Irish Franchise Magazine, less than a year later European Franchising was produced to cater for the European franchise market including brands such as Adams Kids, Blimpie, FiltaFry, Glamour To Go, Hilton International, MyGym, Peter Murray and Trespass.

Re-launched this year in a new, format, European Franchising is a targeted medium distributed directly to registered high net worth investors across Europe. Each edition is also available online for the growing number of investors searching for opportunities on trusted web resources.

Scottish Franchise Magazine

The Scottish Franchise Magazine is published annually to coincide with Scottish Franchise Week and the British Franchise Exhibition in Glasgow. Like its sister publication, The Franchise Magazine, it is aimed at prospective franchisees seeking a suitable franchise to invest in and advice and guidance on franchising.

The publication has helped brands such as Dream Doors, Kall Kwik, Martin & Co, National Schoolwear Centres, Prontaprint, Rainbow, and Safeclean expand their franchise operations in Scotland.

Franchise Development Services

With six publications covering all aspects of franchising, FDS has its finger on the pulse when it comes to building and strengthening the franchise industry in the UK and worldwide.

So for many reasons - including the fact that the publishers are also the world's most established and active franchise consultancy - this library of franchise publications can really become a franchisor's best friend...