63 Not Out, For Kids Bee Happy Franchisee

Some might see being offered redundancy at the age of 63 as a good reason to take early retirement. However, as David Shulkind showed us, it’s also a great opportunity to break out and start something completely new.

How different can you get? After spending 10 years working for the Department of Works and Pensions, David now runs a Kids Bee Happy children’s sand art business, providing fun sand art parties at birthday parties, wedding and other fun-days, plus other family events across Bury and Manchester.

David launched his business at the Altrincham and Sale Chamber of Commerce’s summer showcase at the Old Trafford Cricket ground, where he was very pleased with the reaction that sand art received from local business people.

“Retirement at the age of 63 was never an option for me, so to find Kids Bee Happy was an incredible piece of luck. I am absolutely thrilled to be in on the ground floor of this new venture, and to be one of the first franchisees in the country. The response that I’ve had from kids and adults alike has been amazing, and I am sure that it won’t be long before Kids Bee Happy is known nationwide.”

Alistair Patterson, who is the Founder of Kids Bee Happy said, “We are very pleased to have David on board. Lots of people who have taken redundancy are interested in taking on a Franchise, but sometimes costs can be prohibitive. At Kids Bee Happy our low start-up cost makes it not only ideal, but also affordable. People assume that you need to be a young parent to run a children’s franchise, but as David shows so well, it really is suitable for everyone.”