A Big Step One Year On With OSCAR

Jane Adams, from Lichfield, has never looked back as she celebrates her first year with OSCAR Pet Food.

“Although my background is in sales, the OSCAR comprehensive training course helped me to gain knowledge and confidence in the quality of my product and service that, for me, sells itself.

“Being a single mum, the franchise has enabled me to regain my work/life balance. Working from home with hours to suit has allowed me quality time with my children while being able to achieve my business targets. Starting out I have gained customers through walking my dog and being seen in all the right places such as local shows, where I make every effort to introduce myself to pet owners. I am always ready to hand out leaflets and talk about the benefits of OSCAR, resulting in a home tasting session, which invariably achieves a sale and further recommendations.

“In promoting my family business Smudge, my soft coated Wheaten terrier, is a loyal companion. He gets to meet my customers, generally having a great time distracting their dogs while I chat about new products over a nice cup of tea! The more people I meet the more I am learning just how many pet owners are not really sure about what they are feeding their dogs, and I have found great reward in being able to educate the message of the OSCAR honest label. I can recall two cases of nutritional success where both dogs were suffering from food intolerance. A change of diet achieved an instant result but also improved coat condition and better joint mobility for each dog – proving that good quality nutrition ultimately helps to save the cost of taking the problem to the vet.

“While my business is growing new customers will always be a priority and in my plans for the next year I will be taking advantage of the additional marketing services that are available from OSCAR. To have so much support gives me added confidence and a deep sense of satisfaction. I love my work; my customers are nice people who treasure their pets and appreciate that I am delivering a competitively priced, tasty and nutritious product that offers credibility and trust to my business.”