A Business Doctors franchise

Business Doctors have had four successful years and are now looking to expand on a national scale, for which they have started their earnestly anticipated franchise opportunity.

Suitable for business-savvy people, Business Doctors provides and makes for an exciting investment and a great career opportunity. With the help of their experience and skills, franchise owners can help small and medium sized enterprises to achieve their business vision.

Rod Davies and Matthew Levington started this company, Business Doctors, which is a business health improvement service. Just as doctors help their patients, Business Doctors help improve the businesses of their clients by studying their behaviour, finding the right solutions and resorting to experts if required. This can help the SME’s achieve their potential.

Within 3 years, Rod and Matthew had 16 associates and, with their expansion plans in the picture, are looking towards franchising as an option and helping more and more SME’s improve their potential and give their best.

People who believe that they have good communication and people skills and are practical with a problem solving brain are welcome to participate and be a part of this franchising process.

The franchise packet includes full training, firm launch, and support, induction in the market, online business tools, and a laptop, and tested marketing strategies adopted by Business Doctors.

According to Rod, the growth and success of a franchise depends on the efforts, dedication and hard work put in by the individuals. However, Business Doctors have invested heavily in their brand and are always playing the part of an experienced franchisor so extend their full support whenever needed.