A Chemex franchise owner with plenty of free time and increasing profits

About a decade ago, Bill Bowring worked as a teacher in Saudi Arabia. Today Mr. Bowring owns a franchise business which has an annual six figure turnover. His journey to success was not very tough according to Mr. Bowring.

In 1997, when he moved back to England, there were very few job opportunities available to him and he had no prior experience in running his own business. So, he met the management officials of Chemex franchise. He was offered full training, support and guidance from the beginning.

Chemex offer van operated cleaning and hygiene products for industrial usage. Chemex has over 70 franchises in the UK who are earning consistent profits even in the current economic climate.

When Mr. Bowring took on a Chemex franchise he worked very hard to make the business venture a success. Currently, Mr. Bowring owns multiple vans and can afford to employ staff to take proper care of his business when he goes away for his long vacations. Chemex is very approachable and offers full training to any person who wants to open a Chemex franchise.