A franchise club to facilitate the growth of franchises all over

The business world, with regards to the present day economic situation, is very uptight. You need a lot of finance to start up with a business of your own. Hence, many consider the option of taking up a franchise as the best alternative. A franchising business has a lot of different arenas to explore.

A franchise of a well known company gets all the loyal customers and a recognised name in the market from the start. You will not have to struggle to build up brand recognition and raise awareness from scratch. But it is important to keep increasing the business, so marketing is still a must.

To facilitate this purpose, a business man is starting up a franchisee club to share the best prices, offers, ideas and mutual support. Now franchisees are being expected to sign up to the new endeavor.

This idea is the creation of Bury franchisee, Brian Dormer, who runs the successful TaxAssist Accountants franchise in Rochdale Road.

He is looking out for franchises set up in Bury and North Manchester to meet up with on a monthly basis at a suitable location, to contribute ideas to each other and reinforce the business to go forward. Franchisees will find it useful to hear good practice from many other compatible businesses.