A healthier business

To improve everyone’s lifestyle, the government’s healthier living campaign is concentrating on the requirements of the nation. Shape and Go is now placed to offer a perfect solution to a large and expanding segment of the population.

Many women get out of shape. They forget to exercise and so gain weight. The occurrence of heart disease is on the increase as the economy shows a downturn.

Women need to stay fit and eat well to remain healthy and also need to borrow carefully and invest wisely to enjoy sustainable growth. People need to return to fundamental solutions as individuals and as a country to repair the problems they face.

Shapeup and Go is specially designed for mature women. They specialise in activities for those at risk from the effects of immobility and those who are currently underserved by the fitness industry.

Shapeup and Go meets all their members’ needs in a non-competitive, safe and secure environment by helpful and friendly female staff. A pleasant coffee lounge and a discreet exercise area set on plush carpets provide a comfortable space in a social setting. Sophisticated exercise machinery makes each and every exercise efficient and easy on the joints.

Shapeup and Go is a highly profitable business for a healthy and brighter future. It is an opportunity that will improve our fitness as well our economy.