A new start - franchising

Franchise based businesses are booming. In order to tap into this boom, a project has been set up which is led by Keeble Hawson, as a legal advisor. This project is aimed at encouraging people to establish franchise based enterprises in the Sheffield area.

This law firm, which is also affiliated to the British Franchising Association is now associated with Creative Sheffield’s franchising development project in a two year agreement.

Creative Sheffield undertook research which proved that there are myriad opportunities for new franchises across a range of sectors as opposed to the 3,500 employees which make up the present Sheffield based franchise scenario.

Keeble Hawson has been entrusted with the start up of approximately 32 new or resale franchise based businesses.

Their partner, Rosemary Downs, is thrilled with the opportunity to work with Creative Sheffield on this development project as her firm has an established reputation as specialists in the area of advising, franchising and giving support to franchisees and also franchisors.

According to Rosemary Downs, to set up a business is risky and expensive. This project is aimed at creating demand for franchising and as a booster to those who plan to start their own independent venture.

To have taken a few steps and then retraced them would be a crime and a waste of time, effort and money and hence their responsibility as a key player is to make sure that those who do dare to take the first step understand the legalities and do not rush. They are there to advise and help understand the formalities and legalities associated with the franchisor and business.