Abrakebabra Investments looking for franchisees

Abrakebabra Investments is bigger than before with 5 brands: Abrakebabra, Bagel Factory, Yo! Sushi and newer brands like Chick King and Gourmet Burger Kitchen under its directions.

According to Managing Director, David Zebedee, Chick King is different as it is 100% Irish and everything on the menu is 100% Irish chicken.

With an experience of 25 years, the Abrakebabra group is all set to expand its Chick King restaurants with the help of network franchising across the country; apart from its already established restaurant in Waterford, Arklow, Bridge and Limerick.

The Gourmet Burger Kitchen which was started by two New Zealanders with the help of London Based Chef Peter Gordon has changed the image of the humble burger from a fast food snack item to a sit down restaurant one. With classic options like camembert, cranberry beef, avocado and more, the Gourmet Burger Kitchen uses 100% Irish beef in its Irish outlets.

With potential to have another 30 outlets, Abrakebabra Investments, which bought the rights to the Gourmet Burger Kitchen, has decided and promised to open 15 restaurants all over the country.

The deal states that the stores would be run by Abrakebabra Investments themselves; it will be an opportunity for them to learn the business model before deciding to franchise.

Since the start up cost for these restaurants is higher when compared to fast food joints, they cannot be started immediately, but they are looking to franchise their Abrakebabra, Bagel Factory and Chick King soon.

They are looking for likeminded, responsible and focussed individuals to share and reap the profits of a food franchise with the support of Abrakebabra Investments.