To be the vital, yet unseen partner in
creating the luxury hospitality experience

About ACT Clean

Created by four entrepreneurs (pictured above), ACT Clean has been delivering exceptional cleaning standards as demanded by the industry This has seen the company become a leading specialist contract cleaning company in the hospitality sector.

ACT Clean is now launching its franchise network in the UK, offering a few carefully selected individuals a unique opportunity to join its franchise team and emulate this success for themselves. No experience of cleaning or business ownership is required as all training will be provided by ACT Clean. Franchises will only be awarded to those who share ACT Clean's values, drive and passion to provide the very best service and grow their own successful business, based on trust and partnership.

Remember that there is no denying the fact that running your own business can be hard work. However, you are doing it for yourself and the rewards, should you join, of an ACT Clean franchise will be there for you to see from day one.

Our knowledge is based on almost four decades of professional experience in the cleaning industry, with the highest cleaning standards of the luxury 5 star market place.

Although this is a management franchise your role, initially, may be to run your ACT Clean business from the coal face, as it were. This could, from time to time, and certainly in the early stages, require you to be involved in the cleaning. But this is only in the early stages to get a full understanding of how your business actually operates on a day to day basis. Only through this do we feel you will be able to make future operating decisions that will improve your business and to train and support your workforce.

We are here to support you throughout: in the early stages will need a lot of support, but this franchise is built on a team ethic and sometimes the support that will be offered will come from your fellow, more experienced franchisees. We would ask that when you are two years into this business that you remember the help you received and pass that help and experience on to new franchisees taking their first steps into the system.

We have a Franchise Development Director and Franchise Support Managers who will assist you in many different ways including operational support, developing a business plan, profitably managing your growth and any other issues you may have. But sometimes we won’t know exactly what you want, so please just ask.

Our goal is to provide a worldwide quality system with an emphasis on personalised service, customer satisfaction and professionalism. We aim to foster a strong two-way working relationship with all our franchisees. We envisage making the ACT Clean Franchise name synonymous with excellence.

The Opportunity

With ACT Clean, the franchise owner will not have to do the selling - we do it for you. With our turnover guarantee*, we provide customers for you, from day one, enabling you to start earning straight away.

The investment provides a full turnkey franchise, with fully developed systems for all aspects of the business. NatWest and HSBC banks can also provide 50% funding support.


A full and comprehensive training course, covering all aspects of business and customer management, is provided. All other areas are covered in the initial training course, which allows the franchise owner to hit the floor running. The support provided is designed around you own requirements.

Am I Right?

ACT Clean are looking for individuals who are:

  • hard working
  • passionate
  • motivated
  • attentive to detail
  • able to understand people

The Next Step

If you think you fit the profile to be awarded an ACT Clean franchise, please register your interest below and we will be in touch with you shortly.

*Guaranteed turnover is not a guarantee of profit