Activ Offers Best of Both Worlds to Entrepreneurs

Worries about long term job security and the growing number of people opting for voluntary redundancy post-recession is making self employment an increasingly attractive choice for people of all ages.

Rising unemployment – coupled with the realisation that few jobs are ‘for life’ any more – is encouraging thousands to consider giving up the ‘nine to five’ in favour  of becoming their own bosses. And, as many successful entrepreneurs will testify, becoming the master – or mistress – of your own destiny can be the best move you will ever make. However, starting out completely by yourself – especially if you’ve been used to working in a conventional employment setting for many years – can be daunting.

This says Simon Rickett, director of growing franchise Activ Web Design, is where becoming a franchise owner may be a better option.

He said: “In many instances people have the right skills se, contacts and business acumen to take the entrepreneurial route but are often put off because they’ve been used to the support structure conventional employment provides. If you’re used to having colleagues and managers to discuss work  issues with, then the notion of going it alone can seem quite overwhelming. With a franchise like Activ though, people can still fulfil their entrepreneurial aims and ambitions while operating within a supportive environment. Although they can essentially be their own boss, they can draw confidence and inspiration from knowing that other Activ franchise owners are following the same business model and working towards the same goals.”

Simon, and his fellow director Dillon Boivin, firmly believe that their business’s strength lies with finding like minded franchise owners who like themselves, are committed to making Activ a success.

Simon Rickett added: “It is one of the many reasons we provide our franchise owners with round the clock access to help and advice so they should  they encounter a problem or simply wish to discuss their personal objectives, guidance is just a phone call or email away. Many franchises don’t provide such a service and once a franchise owner has invested in his or her franchise opportunity, they are simply left to get on with it. As an ambitious young business which has already been shortlisted for a Nectar Business Award, we are growing and evolving along with our franchise owners, and as we see it, are in this together. The feedback we are receiving from our franchise owners certainly suggests that our commitment to training and support  is welcomed and appreciated by our franchise owners - especially in the first few months of trading when they are getting to grips with running their post code areas, generating new leads and expanding their territories.

“Just knowing advice is on hand – should it be about an IT issue, a business idea or feedback on their progress to date can all help to boost confidence. Self employment has much to recommend it. However for those people who want the backing of a knowledgeable team and the opportunity to share experiences with people in a similar position, then becoming an Activ franchise owner is an ideal way of combining the best of both worlds.