Activ UK – ideal for young part-timers

A unique business opportunity by Activ UK enables franchisees to get paid every time someone clicks on a local area website of Activ UK. Paul, from Leicestershire, who holds a Masters degree in business management, purchased the Activ Oxford franchise a year ago. Since then he as seen a steady increase in the site’s traffic. Paul said that the site’s traffic has trebled month on month for the last 3 months and he is aiming to do it again this month.

As the brainchild of Activ owners Dillon Boivin and Simon Rickettn, Activ UK is presently the biggest network of local area websites in the UK. It also partners with a few of the topmost internet brands in the world including EBay, and Yahoo UK. Started in November 2008, the site offers local people in villages and towns across Britain with an online guide to things in their area including cars for sale, homes for sale, local news and activities that take place in their communities. Moreover, there is also a segment on how to save money by utilising local businesses.

Paul, who is 26, is in no plans to quit his permanent job in the NHS. He believes that this chance represents a brilliant opportunity for people like him looking for a part-time business enterprise which they can run on their own. All thanks to the ongoing support from Simon Rickettn, the Activ director and his team, Paul can find enough time to concentrate on his career as well as enjoy being part of a franchise business.