Activ Web Design franchise owner Sharon Ingenlath shares her experience

Sharon Ingenlath, single working mother of one took on the opportunity of Activ Web Design a year ago and since then she has not looked back. Sharon used to work as a full-time Digital Trainer with FujiFilm. After working in the same industry for 11 years, Sharon felt that it was a time for a change. She was looking for a career where she could be challenged to do some work that she could be proud of, but she also did not want to lose out on spending time with her son.

Previously, Sharon had a standard 9-5 job which was not family friendly and included travelling abroad. Sharon admits that after taking on the Activ Web Design franchise, her life has changed dramatically for the better. Now she gets a lot of time to spend with her son and she has achieved the perfect work and home life balance.

In her previous life, Sharon was required to leave her home at 7:30 am and return at 6:30pm. This way, she used to only get a couple of hours to spend with her son. Sharon says that her new life is fulfilling for both of them as she gets time to see him changing and growing all the time. The Ingenlath household presently runs on a totally different time-scale. Sharon’s working day begins at 8:30 am and ends at 4 pm. So she now has time to get pleasure from both her work and her home life.