Activ web design gets nominated for two prestigious awards

Arbroath’s Activ Web Design consultant Wendy Sutherland is ecstatic after getting the news that Activ Web Design has been nominated for Best Local Business in the UK and Nectar Start Up of the Year awards. The awards are sponsored by Barclays and the Sun newspaper to name but a few. Activ Web Design has been creating waves in the independent business circuit in the UK over the past few months. Wendy Sutherland has been the Activ Web Design consultant for the Angus and Dundee areas and started her business in December 2008.

Activ Web Design offers efficient, intuitive and excellent web design solutions to small and large businesses alike. Activ web design aims at creating a definite web design package for its clients. Activ Web Design has been doing well in the past few months with some great website designs and an ever increasing client base.

Wendy Sutherland was totally ecstatic about the Activ Web Design nomination. Wendy Sutherland was particularly pleased with the Best Local Business in the UK award since this is a great honour for her and it is also the basis for starting an independent company like Activ Web Design.