Activ Web Design Recruit First Master Franchisee in Spain

Kevin Grist, who is based in Madrid and has operated an Activ Web Design license their for the past several months, has this week taken ownership of the Master Franchise for Spain, which allows him to operate and grow the Activ Web Design franchise network across Spain.

Kevin has been at Activ’s head office in April to complete the legal formalities and hopes to launch Activ Web Design in Spain by September 2009.

Born in the UK but having spent a large part of his life in Spain, Kevin is confident that he can achieve the same level of success in Spain that Activ are seeing in the UK.

Kevin adds: “I am keen to get Activ Web Design up and running in Spain as soon as possible but there is a lot of work to do translating all of the software and management systems into Spanish, I will be working with the guys at head office for the next few months to get everything in place and we are aiming to begin recruiting our first franchisees in September 2009”.

Activ wish Kevin all the best and would like to congratulate him on becoming their first Master Franchisee.

Simon Rickett, Director of Activ, adds: “Kevin has been with Activ for several months now and we are proud that he has decided to launch the Master Franchise in Spain, we are sure he will be very successful and would like to take this opportunity to wish him all the best from everyone at head office”.