Adept franchise gives new start to franchisees

Adept was the new start the franchisee Michael Holt was looking for. He had lots of business experience, but wanted to have his own business and get away from the 9 to 5 drudgery that an office based job caters for.

Michael was a customer of the Adept franchise before becoming a franchisee with the company in 2007. Since then his business turns over £400,000 every year and he hopes to increase this value in the future.

Adept cleaning services UK are a management franchise that specialise in cleaning in both the commercial and industrial sectors. Michael used the previous experience he has in the industries he had worked in and put this together with the information he received from the Adept franchise to make his business a success. Michael commented:

“I have absolutely no regrets about joining Adept. Although in many ways running my own business is more challenging than any job I ever had, the freedom I now enjoy to ‘run my own show’ makes it all worthwhile and I have only scratched the surface of the vast untapped market I can sell to. ” “I never feel alone as I can always discuss any concerns I have with Alan (MD at Adept). More often than not he has been in similar situations and is able to offer good sound advice.”