Aire Serv franchise for young professionals

Altan Kargaci went directly into an apprenticeship after finishing school. He decided to start his own business and wanted to be his own boss, hence he started researching the market to choose an ideal business for himself. He was interested in starting a franchise as they offer full support and backing to start and run the business. Franchising also offers a better return on investment and financial security.  He had a technical background and engineering skills hence he narrowed down his selection to an air conditioning franchise. Finally he decided to start an air conditioning, heating and refrigeration franchise.

After meeting a number of prospective firms, Altan was pleased with Aire Serv which operates more than 15 franchises throughout the UK and has developed successfully in various markets.

Altan said that that he liked the Aire Serv Company straight away as soon as he got to know a bit about it. They not only gave him enough support to start off the business but also encouraged him to think as a sovereign business.

Clive Houlston, Managing Director of Aire Serv UK said that Altan is an example of a young professional who wanted to start his own business. Altan’s engineering experience has helped him to understand and establish his business.