Alco-Call set to expand

When Winston Gallagher realised that people tend to have cravings and needs even in the middle of the night, he decided to set up Alco-Call with a lock up, some flyers and his car; and went on to provide people anything from wine, beer, cigarettes to condoms.

Now, he sees this firm as a stepping stone and with confidence in its potential is looking out to franchise his company.

Built over the last two years, Alco-Call has already got its first venture in Medway in Kent. Winston who studied film and media at a university in Brighton has previously worked on Batman Returns and The Constant Gardner before starting with Alco-Call and is confident that franchise networking will be a success, for him as well as the franchisees.

Alco-Call which provides beer, cider, soft drinks, cigarettes, condoms, etc, all week long including weekends and bank holidays has now grown to two full time staff, a number of part time employees and three vans.

The idea to franchise came to him from a businessman who had trouble in getting a license and since then, this idea has grown now to fulfil his dream of having franchisees nationwide.

Though Winston agrees that to sell his baby is an emotional conflict, he knows that to have franchising will be profitable and has also received interest from others in Kent as well as Bristol and Suffolk.