Alternative to cosmetic surgery builds as a business

The Beautytek Premium Machine is a unique combination of diagnostic capability and micro current energy, which makes it a revolutionary system. This system is utilised by Meditech Clinics as a totally natural, painless and risk free solution to many issues that you may face about your body. Some of the issues that are dealt with by Beautytek are fat reduction, face lifting and breast enhancement.

Chris Sinclair, owner of the Sheffield and Leeds franchise, said that he had launched his Meditech franchise in June. He also added that his business has already stocked up with appointments. He said that the business was quite a scalable one in the market and that if you got the technique right, expanding would not be a problem.

Talking about the Beautytek machine, he said that he had put in a lot of research into the machine that helped him know that it delivered good results. He signed his Meditech agreement in April and then hired a receptionist who was trained by Meditech. This enabled him to start trading by June, picking up business while he earned a good amount.

One of Chris’s customers, Mrs M J Sheffield, said that since she was a working mum with kids, she did not have much time to visit the gym. She saw an advertisement for Meditech in a magazine and went for a free trial. She was so impressed by the services that she undertook a package that has now effectively helped her get back in shape.