Ambitious expansion plans announced by Papa John’s Pizza

The opening of six new outlets in the last three months has been a part of the quick expansion plan of the Papa John’s pizza outlet all over the nation; the firm is planning to open 25 new stores nationwide. Six new stores have opened in Haringey, Morden and Worcester Park and some express outlets have started in Haven holiday camps in Devon, East Sussex and Yorkshire.

The other places where the company is planning to spread its business and looking to open its outlets are Manchester and the M62 corridor, Leeds, Birmingham, Oxford, London inside the M25, Cambridge, Chester, Newcastle, Bristol and Cheltenham.

The director of property and franchising for Papa John’s, Alan Mason stated that the company is poised to have a great 2008 year ahead. The company plans to open eight more stores and wants to fulfil its target of opening 25 stores in this year, he added.

Papa John Pizza wants to expand and open many more new outlets, the search for the new locations has obviously intensified. They have hired an agent to get the best locations so that the company can work towards its goal. The Papa John Pizza Company plans to open 300 stores across the UK by 2016.