An excellent investment opportunity with a great potential for growth

After becoming her own boss, Angela Lofthouse, the award winning franchise owner, not only got a great sense of job satisfaction but also got an opportunity to run her household, build a career and take care of her children on her own terms. With three children and a house to run, Angela found becoming her own boss to be the only way to manage her family successfully and have a full time career.

As Angela did not have any experience in running her business, she could not risk building a business through trial and error. So, she decided to invest in Molly Maid, an established domestic cleaning franchise. After four years of successful growth, Angela built up her Chesterfield based business with five cars on the road, ten cleaning staff and an annual turnover of £194,000.

Angela said that she is pleased with her decision of investing in the Molly Maid franchise. Though starting and running a business required plenty of hard work, particularly in the initial years when she was establishing the business, it was extremely rewarding.

Building a business boosted her confidence and enabled her to maintain a comfortable lifestyle. She said that she ultimately gained control of her life/work balance and for the first time, she is able to comfortably manage her work while being a mother. While receiving a positive feedback from their customers and seeing the growth of business through the word of mouth recommendation, it continues to provide a great deal of job satisfaction to her.