An Insight into the European Franchise Federation (EFF)

The European Franchise Federation (abbreviated as EEF) refers to an international, non-profit organisation that has been formed to represent, encourage and promote the development of the franchising industry across the Europe. Established in 1972, the association has its headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. Whilst having known as one of the co-founders of the World Franchise Council during late 1980s, the EEF today plays an active role in the organisation.

At present, the EEF is a sole representative of 17 national franchise associations in Europe. the members of the association is comprised of a wide network of franchisors, franchisees, franchise experts, accountants, legal advisors, marketing companies, financial institutions, and even non-European Franchise Associations or Federations. The EEF plays the role of a medium of exchange of information between the associate members and acts as a representative of the franchise industry in Europe for international organisations. With a view to promoting good franchising in the industry across Europe, the organisation endeavours to promote information outside the industry, such that it is highlighted on an extensive scale beyond the boundaries, through its active involvement in the World Franchise Council. The EEF was amongst the 26 associations to have formed the World Franchise Council (WFC) in 1994 that acts as an intermediate between member franchises and world associations.