Andy and Diane United Carpets franchise owner of Northfield share their experience

Andy and Diane work together as a family business team at their United Carpets franchise. Diane started working in the shop two years ago and it offers her the flexibility to arrange her work around her daughter’s school life.

Prior to joining United Carpets franchise, Andy had worked as an Area Manager for a national joinery and kitchen company. He was looking forward to starting his own business. Diane came from an Export/Import background working in an office, and so she had no retail experience but had excellent customer service skills.

Diane said that working in their family business along with her husband means she gets to see a lot more of him. She also said that now she does not need to worry if their daughter has a day off at school or if she has to leave early because of the flexibility she gets there. Initially, Diane started with administration but soon she also started selling and seems to be quite comfortable with this aspect of the job too.

Andy said that he was looking forward to starting his own business in the retail sector, but the only premises he could rent were small shops. He then realised that if he wanted a huge retail business right from day one, franchising was the right answer. Andy took on the Northfield franchise of United Carpets that opened in March 2005. He said that their business is continuing to grow as they have built a reputation in the area for excellent customer service and great value for money.