Angela and Martin Froud founders of Marla Custom Blinds share their experience

Being in the blinds industry for more than 15 years, founders of Marla Custom Blinds, Angela and Martin Froud now have a wealth of valuable business experience. Running a company that is both flexible and creative, the Frouds have successfully built a loyal customer base of commercial and domestic customers – without sacrificing the quality time spent with their family.

Presently, in the preliminary stage of franchise network expansion, they are offering a range of territories, at a considerably lower entry-level cost for their initial franchisees. Due to this initiative, the Frouds expect a solid growth of their network. When asked about the launch of Marla Custom Blinds, Angela said that she wanted to get back to her work, but at that time she was at home looking after her children. Prior to moving into blinds, she actually started manufacturing and selling hand-sewn curtains on her own.

Working from home gave Angela an opportunity to operate the business around her family. While this flexibility became so important to their business model, Martin and Angela think that Marla Custom Blinds is particularly alluring for people with family commitments.

Angela said that they are aware of how difficult it can be combining home and work life and with Marla Custom Blinds the flexibility of working hours and operating the business from home keeps the overheads down. Martin said that he joined the board initially to assist Angela with some installation and measuring, while she concentrated on the sales.