Angie Coates enjoys a whirlwind success

Monkey Music is a franchise which offers children the chance to get involved in the world of music. The franchise was started by Angie Coates in 1992.

After the birth of her first child, Angie was looking for a way to get her daughter involved in the world of music but she couldn’t find a way of her doing this.

This is why Monkey Music was created. Angie began holding classes for both children and their parents and the classes were such a success that Angie decided to franchise the company in 1998.

The franchise has continued to grow and now, 10,000 babies and children enjoy classes with Monkey Music every week at 51 different franchises around the country.

Angie not only had skills musically, but she also had a business mind, with commercial knowledge and it is this that has led to the huge success of the franchise.

It just goes to show, that franchising can be a huge overnight success so long as you choose something which fills a gap in the market. Often, an idea for a franchise will come from someone’s personal experiences. In Angie’s case, she couldn’t find somewhere suitable to take her children to learn about music so she created it herself. And she’s never looked back.