Antal International expands global franchise network

The management and executives recruitment company, Antal International, has already expanded its business all over the world to different countries like the Philippines, Pakistan, Egypt and Ghana. Eleven franchises in the last 12 months have been launched in different parts of the world like London’s Docklands as well as Malta, Belgium and South Africa.

The progress made by Antal International Franchises is amazing. Up until now, the number of franchises on Antal International has extended to 45 franchises in 27 countries. Sarah Jones, Antal’s Operations Director, said this is the first time an international recruitment company has been launched in such a large number of countries.

Antal has received a huge response from the HR community of Egypt as such a wide range of options has never been available to them. Doug Bugie, the CEO, said that the speed of Antal’s methodology and the way of finding and placing talents especially for 25 to 30 year olds is not possible by any other recruitment company. The aim of Antal International is to be the leading human resource provider in most developing countries.