Are you a good Franchisee?

Since franchising is a mutually beneficial activity, not only the franchisor but also the franchisee plays an important part in the growth of the business. So are you really cut out for franchising? Or are you just trying your luck… are some quick ways to find whether you could make a good franchisee or not.

If you have all of the mentioned qualities: You and Franchising: a match made in heaven

If you have a majority of the mentioned qualities: Taking up franchising? Why delay, its time to make hay

If you just have a couple or none of the qualities mentioned: Try again!!! Here we go..

  • Leadership skills A franchisee should have good leadership skills to guide his company in the right direction, motivate and inspire his employees to work together towards a common goal.
  • Innovation A franchisee should be someone who is ready to develop a business model within the franchisors existing business model to increase efficiency and create a niche for the brand.
  • Communication Skills Since the franchisee will have to deal with many different people i.e. the franchisor, his own staff, customers etc he should possess good communication skills in order to convey the right messages to the right people.
  • Good listener The franchisee should also be a person who listens to the franchisor as well as the customer. It’s important to listen to the franchisor because he has knowledge of his business and it is important to listen to the customer because without the customer there would be no business.
  • Good Analytical and Reasoning skills These skills will help him understand the customer better which in turn will help him in serving them better.
  • Reliable and hard working A franchisee at the outset has to put in a lot of hard work and since this business also needs a lot of commitment the person has to be both reliable and dedicated.
  • Delegating Work It is very important for a franchisee to be good at delegating work because this will help him increase his efficiency and to get the best out of his staff.