Are you searching for a recession-proof business opportunity?

After twelve years of extensive network growth that has seen more than sixty operations opened across the UK, the FiltaFry Plus franchise opportunity still continues to be a highly profitable and successful business concept. FiltaFry Plus is an international fryer management service, founded in the UK.

Franchise owners of FiltaFry Plus provide their customers with a complete professional fryer management service. The area of each FiltaFry Plus franchise is exclusive and the service offered by them includes the vacuum based cleaning of fryers and the micro-filtration of cooking oil.

In addition to the success of their UK franchises, the professional fryer management service of FiltaFry Plus is available worldwide with five hundred franchise owners in countries like USA, Portugal, Australia, Kuwait, South Africa, Indonesia, Italy, and Poland.

The FiltaFry Plus franchise is a unique opportunity for those individuals who would like a business that can be easily fitted around family life. It is a flexible and friendly business concept that is easy to manage. FiltaFry Plus provides franchise owners with continuous training, advice, guidance and business development support. Franchise owners have an option of choosing between single or multiple vans to service the customers in their exclusive areas.

The business model of FiltaFry Plus is unique and requires franchise owners to have 30-40 customers in order to earn an exceptional income. The service provided by FiltaFry Plus franchise owners in cleaning fryers is environment friendly and done using the latest equipment.