Assist With Solutions Launches Accountants Multiple Income Stream Licence

Assist With Solutions (AWS) has now officially launched their unique Accountants Multiple Income Stream Licence, which will allow accountancy practitioners to create multiple complementary revenue streams into their practices and leverage existing clients fees by offering a complete range of value added business support software, programmes and services, via the unique AWS one stop shop business support platform, either themselves, or in a JV revenue share approach with current and future fully trained and licensed AWS licensees.

Andy MacDonald, CEO of Assist With Solutions, said: "In this current economic and technological climate and the ability to outsource accounts preparation to international destinations, margin pressures amongst accountancy practices in the UK are higher than ever.

"We believe that in order to increase price, you have to increase value to your clients and this is what is achievable by offering them total business support, not just accountancy services.

"To facilitate this, we have also launched our AWS cloud-based and HMRC approved accounts and early warning system, which allows you to track the performance of clients businesses in real time from anywhere worldwide against a pre-entered set of monitoring KPI’s. This kind of functionality has until now been only available to large corporations with even larger IT budgets.

"In line with our goal of providing our SME clients with the same level of support that big businesses have access to, we have succeeded in scaling the technology for use by the masses in an affordable manner. This I believe will be a game changer in the world of proactive SME business development support."

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