Assist With Solutions Launches ‘The Holy Grail’ Of Business Support

Assist With Solutions (AWS), the leading UK Business Support franchise, joins a prestigious and select band of companies such as Rolls Royce Aero Engines and Formula 1 motorsport that utilise cutting edge technology to ensure that their companies are market leaders in delivering maximum efficiency and performance levels.

Andy MacDonald, CEO at AWS, explains: "Following a massive effort and investment by the hugely talented AWS software development team headed by Dr. Ian Vickers, we are exceptionally proud and excited to announce that we are launching the world’s first ‘cloud’ based Accounts and Business Early Warning Software System platform for entrepreneurs in the SME sector.

"Our unique system will allow a business owner and their professional advisers to monitor together in real time and from any location worldwide that is internet capable, how their business is performing, by constantly monitoring performance aligned against previously entered Key Performance Indicators.

"Up until now, this kind of functionality has only been available to very large companies with multi million pound budgets. This no longer is the case and will be available in an extremely affordable manner to all future AWS clients, franchisees, licensees and advisors. We have ‘rounded the circle’ and are the leading provider of proactive and total business support services to our clients."

The AWS software platform is HMRC compliant and will be demonstrated at their forthcoming Discovery Day events at the Hilton Hotel, Bracknell, Berkshire on Thursday November 8th and November 29th.

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