Assist With Solutions Franchise Video

Video Transcript

Assist With Solutions, in association with Santander's £200m Breakthrough Programme, brings you AWS - The Quest. A goal to create more millionaires than the National Lottery.

Instead of luck matching three or six numbers, we rely on dedication, determination, risk and perseverance, increasing your chances of creating wealth. AWS will accept growth and growth potential business on our Quest, strictly by invitation, after rigorous assessment.

Growth clients will be £1m to £100m, committed to increase turnover and profitability by 10-15%. Growth potential clients are young businesses with less than £1m turnover, which are growing rapidly.

The Quest should be self-funding, using AWS 3x1 approach, a detailed, strategic growth plan, efficiencies to maximise profitability, generating and maximising returns from new clients and existing clients.

Should your business fit this criteria, and would like to know more about who and what AWS business solutions are, our business booster sessions and process, click below.