Auditel Consultant Hits Six-Figure Turnover After Three Years

Farnham-based Martin Wiles, now 50, is one of Auditel’s most senior franchisees, having joined their cost and purchase management network in 2005. Prior to becoming an Auditel franchisee, Martin was in the mobile telecommunications industry. Early in his career, he worked for Technophone, a pioneering mobile phone manufacturer, as an electronics engineer, rising to Project Manager. This was followed by 15 years at Vodafone in international business development and project management roles, both in the UK and overseas. Martin holds a BSc degree in Electrical & Electronic Engineering and is a Fellow of the Institution of Engineering and Technology.

Asked why he chose to take up a franchise, Martin says: “Franchising appeared to be a lower risk route to establish my own business and with a modest capital outlay. I also considered that the support of an established franchisor with a proven track record in helping start-up businesses was very important. I was able to fund the capital required from my own funds, so no borrowing was required.”

Martin found Auditel through an internet search and visited their Winchester head office. He was encouraged by his meeting. “The head office support and the quality of their leadership looked very good. I trusted Auditel to be an ethical franchisor with an established pedigree. I also felt that here was an excellent opportunity to use the skills from my career in the telecoms industry.”

Martin found the initial training to be a very useful starting point in his new career. Since then, he says, the support from the franchisor and the network has been excellent. He won the acclaim of Auditel’s franchise team in his first two years, being awarded the prestigious Rising Star for such a promising start in the network; within a further year Martin had already established a six-figure turnover.

Martin reveals: “I am looking forward very positively over the next five years and plan to continue the momentum to replenish my client base. One of the best things I have found in Auditel is meeting and working with such great people as my business partners!”