Auditel Cost Management Consultant Saves £45,000 For Care Home

Paul Littler joined the Auditel Cost Management Franchise in October 2011. Asked why he chose Auditel, Littler recalled: “It was a white-collar opportunity with a good network and no geographical restrictions, but mostly, I liked the people!” He said that the training empowered him to go out and find the right kind of clients, make his business work and meet his strategic goals.

Littler added: “My career had been in financial services, including project management and, latterly, consultancy. This experience gave me an in-depth knowledge of how to work with and within organisations. It also showed me the value of implementing successful operational solutions which benefited an organisation and, equally importantly, its clients.”

As an Auditel Consultant, Littler went to see Sean Watson, Director of St Michael Homes, a family-run care homes business, in September last year. He agreed to let Auditel review five categories of cost.

“I am amazed you have found so much!” Three weeks later, Littler returned with his report. This revealed that he had managed to negotiate refunds for overpayment totalling over £30,000 and secured ongoing, sustainable annual savings of £15,000 – and all without the client having to change suppliers or indeed do anything at all!

Watson conceded: “I am amazed that you have found so much. We would never have spotted the overpayment.” St Michael Homes are now working closely with Auditel to review other categories, including a knotty problem that has been costing them money for a number of years.

As Littler said: “It is always pleasing to beat a client’s expectations. Sean’s opening comment had been ‘I’m only seeing you because our Accountant Bird Luckin said I should!’ Paul says that Sean’s scepticism is not unusual! We look forward to building on our partnership with Bird Luckin and delivering an added-value service to their other clients.”

Auditel have partnerships with many professional firms who provide referrals to their clients for cost management advice. Alistair Barnwell, Director, Bird Luckin said: “Our relationship with Auditel, while still in its infancy, has now been proved to be a significant asset to our clients. As a company, we are committed to providing such services. This places us firmly in our clients’ minds as not just an accountant, but an integral part of their success planning.”