Auditel going strong with its new franchisees

The impact that credit crunches and economic slumps have on industries is well known. However, Auditel is set to change all that.

With the start of six new franchises, Auditel, the UK’s well known home-based executive franchise, has helped many organisations achieve financial control. With the current financial situation, business opportunities are many and Auditel’s franchisees can earn a six figure income every year. According to Chris Allison, Auditel’s managing director, organisations often end up overspending. However, Auditel can help them control their finances.

Auditel has much success to its credit. According to Adrian Key, Auditel is possibly the best commercial decision that he ever made. According to Keith Page, who was once the training manager at Norwich Union, he can safely bet his life when saying that Auditel’s recruitment is transparent and easy and provides all the necessary information required to make the right choice. He talks about the trained staff at Auditel who specifically looked at what he aimed at achieving and helped him.

Denis Brennan is another who swears by Auditel for its professional, pleasant and forthcoming staff which does not want to ‘hard sell’ but instead, helps choose the right option.

Natalie Davies, who was a business analyst with Zurich Insurance, researched franchises before finally deciding on Auditel. According to her, the training provided at Auditel is very informative and she does not regret her decision.

Horsham based Terry Crouch worked in the telecom industry when he decided to go for Auditel as nowhere else were his expectations, needs and ethics met so well other than with Auditel. He describes his experience at Auditel as fun, worthwhile and informative, leaving him confident and prepared.