Auditel helping firms from recession hit UK

According to a survey conducted recently by leading accountants like Baker Tilly, there are many companies that are taking steps to reduce their operating costs. The number of companies doing so has doubled in the last few months. From a mere twenty six percent the figures have climbed to forty five percent by March, this year.

Auditel have been managing the purchase and costs of business expenditure since 1994. They are very well placed in assisting the organisations in difficult times.

According to the managing director of Auditel, Chris Allison, the economic situation in UK is facing a downturn and it is a good time for the franchise to extend its services. The network of Auditel right now is experiencing a steady increase in demand thus creating a significant opportunity for the franchisees.

Auditel mainly specializes in areas like energy, communication, sewerage, water, consumables, finance and premise management. They also work with market leaders across different categories.

In the exhibition conducted by Auditel last month, many companies and organisations showed keen interest including Uniworld, British Gas, Gazprom, Shell LPG, EDF Energy and may other such big names. This annual exhibition seems to be one of the greatest events for Auditel. It offers a unique opportunity to develop in depth market knowledge and valuable relationships.