“With Auditel, there’s a huge level of support and resources available to help me succeed.”

Established in 1994, Auditel is the UK’s largest and fastest-growing cost and purchase management franchise opportunity, with a network of over 200 highly-skilled specialists and more than 3,400 clients. They investigate a broad range of business expenditure which includes costs as diverse as communications, energy, water, office supplies, freight, contract cleaning, merchant cards and waste management. This service is much needed and appreciated by our clients. Our franchisees become their trusted outsourced advisers.

Auditel have the knowledge and experience to train professional men and women to become consultants in this field and to equip them with market-leading tools and business systems for their success. From the beginning and through every stage of the development of their business an extensive range of help and award-winning support is given.

Among their new intake is Edinburgh-based Colin Garvin who until recently was Clinical Contracts Specialist responsible for obtaining agreement on clinical trials for drug development. Colin recalls: “Auditel provided me with the opportunity to enter into self-employment, safe in the knowledge that there’s a huge level of support and resources available to help me succeed. Working alongside like-minded people in a collaborative network was an attractive proposition. The quality of presentation in the training was excellent with a wide range of tools, hints and tips provided.”

Cambridge-based Ron Yellon, who until recently was head of Policy and Performance Monitoring for the Cambridgeshire Police Authority, recalls: “I was confident that the business model was strong and that I would get the support I required to match my own effort to succeed. They were people I could enjoy working with. The training was everything I needed to go forward, focused fully on the activities that will define the nature and success of my business for years to come.”

Edward Brewer, Auditel’s Franchise Development Director, reveals: “The Auditel approach to its network of franchisees has always been to go that extra mile. We constantly strive to provide unrivalled levels of training and support, the most extensive knowledge bank in our industry, and state-of-the-art marketing activities. We believe that this is a company which fosters trust and lays the foundation for each of our franchisees to succeed.

“This was a fantastic group of people who conducted due diligence into the white-collar franchise marketplace before deciding to choose Auditel. We were delighted to train these new affiliates from a wide range of backgrounds - all of whom bring a wealth of experience and talents to our network!”

Following nomination in the bfa HSBC Franchisor of the Year Award in 2010, Auditel was selected as finalists, together with only five other franchisors, to win the HSBC Franchisee Support Award last year. This award, which is managed by the British Franchise Association (bfa), is given to the franchisor who stands out as providing exceptional support to their franchisees, to give them the best possible environment for success.

Laurence Knott, Auditel’s Head of Marketing, confirms: “Applicants recognise the value of our cost and purchase management service in these challenging economic times. Our higher earners enjoy an income of over £200k. Now is the time for any management professional who is seeking a positive career change to approach us. Our free Discovery Seminars give an indication of what may be achieved within our franchise which can provide financial, business and personal satisfaction."