Auditel Franchisee Glad They Chose Auditel To Help Build Future

Damian Lowry worked in the commercial finance industry for 25 years, specialising in asset and invoice finance and asset-based lending. He recalled: “In 2008, I founded my own brokerage to help businesses find the right type of finance for their requirements. Last year, I was ready for a change and began to look for another opportunity. With my background and experience, I wanted a franchise that operated in a similar market.

“Auditel was immediately one of those that stood out as being really a very good fit for me and potentially, I thought I would be a very good fit for them! I did some due diligence with several other cost management franchises, but I still felt most comfortable with Auditel. They were always open and honest with me and I had excellent feedback from other Affiliates. I joined Auditel last December and I am glad that I chose them to help me build my future!”

Asked about the training, Lowry related: “I have just finished my first week’s training. It has been very good. The mentors were well prepared, confident and provided a great deal of information and knowledge. I now have a lot of confidence to go out there, identify my clients, and talk to them about my business and what we can do for them.

Lowry pointed out: “I ran my own business for a number of years and I understand the challenges that this can bring. I have also worked closely with many and varied organisations. I have developed an understanding of their needs and aspirations, and then delivered solutions, helping them to achieve their goals. These experiences have equipped me with a wide range of business skills, which I will now use to help my clients.

"They will benefit from a comprehensive service where specific cost areas are managed on their behalf. This will leave them free to concentrate on delivering their products and services to their customers without any unnecessary distractions.”

Asked about the immediate future, Damian replied: “I am really looking forward to the next training sessions when I hope to have some live clients to discuss!”