Auditel June 2014 Franchisee Intake

Why Did You Join Auditel?

Lee Walton - Ex-Owner and MD of Association Management and Media Organiation
I was impressed to begin with, with the image portrayed by the all the media that I saw, websites and collateral and I actually went to the Franchise Show at Oylmpia, and I heard Chris speaking at one of the seminar sessions and thought that I had a business on my own for 15-17 years and that came to a natural end, and I thought I wanted to do something else, in a white collar environment, business to business, and was impressed by the statistics about franchising and the success of franchising and picked out Auditel as being a standout operation.

I was really impressed with the savings that were manifested by some the examples that I looked into, and I just wish while I was running my company and indeed in my manufacturing days, that I thought about using some service, like Auditel's, to save money that to we never even thought about doing. So, it impressed me and I could see an opportunity and I can see I'm going to enjoy enlightening others.

Gwen Mwaba - Ex_Vice President for Structured Trade Finance, Standard Bank plc
For me, I think I joined Auditel for two reasons. Firstly I was looking for a better work/life balance, so was looking for a business opportunity that would enabled me continue earning a decent wage, but also give me more time to spend with my family, more importantly, and then when I looked around at the franchises that were available, and I did look at a couple, I found that Auditel was very professional, very accommodating and when I came to the discovery day, it just felt right. I think that the people were warm and not pushy; I was given time to do my own due diligence, so I didn't feel pressured into taking any decisions.

Terry Thornhill - Ex-Founder of Design and Branding Agency
Well I did a lot of research on the internet and what appealed to me was, at the time, the franchise played to my strengths which was project management and development. I also wanted a franchise that had a lot of depth and a lot of variety, and so I came down and did a day visit. I was impressed with the set up at Auditel and in particular the collateral, the marketing collaterals that they had as well, so that lead to my decision.

What Did You Think Of The Training?

Gwen Mwaba
The training's actually been great and, in many respects, has exceeded my expectations, especially the technical training. There's just so much out there, I mean I cannot even say, and apparently we've just touched the surface; there's a lot more on the ABMS, which is the Auditel system, where I can still go on and get more resources and get more webinar-based training, so it's been great.

Terry Thornhill
Well I'm please because it's been in-depth and it's been very challenging, so there's nothing worse than going to training and you thinking I've done it, heard it before. So the training was very in-depth, very technical, sometimes you may have thought too technical, but you have to know it and in fact I know it's a sad statistic, but last night I woke up and I could remember quite a bit of it, and I thought, yeah. It's gone in, so I'm one of those people that needs to learn that way. It's been really good, right up to the last moment, so we just finish there.

Lee Walton
Both weeks a little bit head spinning, in terms of absorbing everything, but as I made a joke the other day, that the mist is rising but the fog was decending. I was only joking really, but there is a lot to take on board and I think the best part of it all is that every question you have, there seems to be an answer for, and so that sends us all away after the two weeks training with a high level of confidence that really makes one a little happier going out into the cold world.

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