Hard Work The Key For Auditel Franchisee

Simon Gibson - Auditel Franchisee Over the last two years, Auditel cost management franchisee Simon Gibson has built his now extensive client base up through hard work and determination. Looking to the future, Gibson has big plans for expansion.

Having spent much of his life serving in the Royal Air Force and working in a range of management positions, Gibson was well placed to buy into, and make a success of, an Auditel Cost Management franchise where he would be using his experience to analyse and provide budget solutions for businesses.

He made his investment in May 2011 and has never looked back. He said: “I wanted to run my own business but not start from scratch and appreciated the excellent support network within Auditel. I decided that this would help me to overcome the hard yards of starting my own business, while making use of my previous experience.”

For Gibson, it was Auditel’s ethical approach to the service that they provide that won him over, as he revealed: “During my due diligence before committing, I was impressed by the generosity of spirit and willingness to assist other franchise owners across the network. I believe that the cost management service delivered by Auditel gives immense benefit to their clients, as well as providing me with a rewarding and ethical career.”

Gibson’s experience has been instrumental to his growth over the last two years as an Auditel Franchise owner, but the comprehensive training he received set him in good stead for success: “Auditel provided a detailed and comprehensive multi-stage training programme, developed from their experience. There is a strong set of tools aimed at getting you up and running fast and helping you to absorb considerable detail.

“I gained an in-depth knowledge of how to identify opportunities and provide innovative solutions to increase efficiencies and lower business overheads.”

Having utilised his training, Gibson was able to build up his client base substantially and now works with a range of clients including academies, schools, charities and hotels.

Looking to the future, Gibson is planning to maintain and extend his client base as well as expand through taking on another member of staff. Gibson concluded: “Nothing worth doing is easy in life, but that makes the satisfaction of achievement even more sweet.”