Australia’s proven brand looking for franchise to start tea and coffee cafes

A blend of innovation and experience has made The Merchant Tea and Coffee Company emerge as a successful player in the rerail store tea and coffee business. The Merchant Tea and Coffee Company is looking for franchisees to open a chain of cafes across 10 large territories in the UK. The Merchant Tea and Coffee concept was to create coffee houses with a colonial feel. Allied to this is the aim to provide only the finest loose leaf teas and coffees with complimentary food.

The consumption of tea and coffee is increasing day-by-day worldwide. The awareness of the health benefits of tea consumption acts as a catalyst for merchants to seek out the finest selection of loose leaf teas. The business of merchants operating the tea and coffee cafes comes under a regional area development licence. The main purpose behind having a corporate head office is to provide a good sales service and support for the regional area developers in building their franchise outlets across their regions.

Marketing of products, supply chain, training, negotiation of lease, design of store and support for its operations is all provided by a regional area developer though the corporate head office support team. The franchise store model is based on the principle to “keep it simple”.