Auto Body Coat franchise at its best

Auto Body Coat is a renowned and advanced repair system franchise which can give you the opportunity to earn up to £100k per year. Besides being the best in what they do, Auto Body Coat also offer a trial program before you buy a franchise with them.

As part of their exclusive ‘Try before you buy’ Franchise offer, Auto Body Coat authorities will train you to use their products, serve customers and so on. They will teach you to repair cars, giving you an understanding of the whole business and ensuring that you are sure of yourself.

Auto Body Coat enjoys a very good reputation that you will be able to use to your advantage. They have some of the highest productivity in the world, with the fastest drying times which increases the quality of their service. Their end-product is claimed to be more durable than that of any other company, giving superb value for money. They have particularly accurate methods of colour matching, which will enhance the overall appearance of a vehicle.