Autosheen gets safety in business from national accounts

Mark Worthington spent five years at a warehouse before being made redundant and he needed to make a fresh career choice. As he enjoyed cleaning his own cars, Mark began looking at different valeting franchises and it was Autosheen that made a genuine impression on him.

Mark stated that at Autosheen the staff were extremely professional and he was reassured by the national account customer base they had. For Mark security was the biggest concern which is why he had decided to get into franchising.

Mark further stated that he was fully confident about his choice with Autosheen. He not only enjoys being independent but also finds his new job extremely flexible. When comparing his current job to his previous one he stated that he was glad he took the opportunity.

Tim Harris, the franchise manager of Autosheen, stated that the company’s strategy is to hold onto major national accounts so that they can generate regular and lucrative work for franchisees all over the network. He concluded saying that not many franchise opportunities offer potential customers from the first day, unlike Autosheen.

Autosheen is a 25 year old established fleet valeting franchise with both experience and a portfolio that boasts of national account contracts like the Department of Work & Pensions, BSkyB, Network Rail, Revenue & Customs and most of the largest leasing companies in the UK.