Baby Boom For Photography For Little People

Photography For Little PeopleBaby Boom Britain - birth rate has rocketed to the highest in 40 years Britain’s population has soared by more than 400,000 in just one year to reach 63.7 million, the largest increase of any European Union member state. The rise revealed in the Office for National Statistics report has been attributed to births, rather than migrants from other countries. Net migration in the year to June 30 2012 was 165,660, but the 813,200 babies born in the same period boosted the overall population figure and represents the highest birth total in the country since 1972.

The baby boom has been attributed to a rise in women in their 20s having children, the increased provision of fertility treatment to older women and higher birth rates among immigrant communities.

This is great news for the national network of Photography for Little People franchisees, who specialise in photographing and taking impressions of newborns and little ones and with this ever increasing number of potential clients business is just great.

Photography for Little People have built their business around families by offering a mobile service which is very personal and captures special moments for the family. This service is especially welcomed by our clients when their little ones first arrive. This is a very exciting time for the family and we feel privileged to be able to capture those early moments for them and then as the little ones grow Photography for Little People are ideally placed to work with them again in the future.