Baja Fresh - fresh food, fresh opportunities

Baja Fresh, which was launched in 1990 in California, introduced a great alternative to the junk food and fast food culture.

Their concept of food prepared without the use of microwaves, can openers, freezers, lard or MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) has lived up to their philosophy of ‘live fresh’.

When you visit a Baja Fresh restaurant, you can be assured of fresh food, since all the ingredients used to prepare their Mexican food are laid before you and the dishes prepared in front of your eyes. With its relaxed, artistic ambience you can enjoy your meal in the restaurant, or they also offer takeaways.

For their dedication to providing you with the best dining experience with respect to food, ambience and service, Baja Fresh has won numerous awards, the Platinum Award, being one.

With 300 well-established firms in the United States of America, the Baja Fresh food chain is now looking to expand globally and is on the lookout for like-minded, focussed individuals who can keep up the Baja reputation in the UK by starting their own franchise.

The franchise package provided by Baja Fresh includes ongoing support like marketing support, management training, real estate and construction as well as initial restaurant opening support.

This license agreement is for 10 years and is available for all international areas. The license value will be calculated according to the regional market but the minimum investment is $500,000.