Baskin Robbins plans to sell more

Ice cream has been synonymous with joy and celebration. All of us love ice cream. It is one thing that does not need a time or a place to be enjoyed and when we talk about ice cream, how can the pioneers of ice cream, Baskin Robbins, be forgotten?

The Acme Foods UK franchise agreement has now allowed Baskin Robbins to expand across the West and South West London. Baskin Robbins, which signed its first Area Licensee with Acme foods, is now planning to work and concentrate upon the opening of new franchise outlets in the Hounslow, Richmond, Hammersmith and Fulham, Kensington and Chelsea, Wadsworth and Kingston and in the county of Berkshire.

The deal is significant as it will enable the opening of new franchisees. Mr. Mohammed Shareef is the newest franchise owner with stand alone stores in the UK. Along with the new store design, these stores will also include Soft Serve as a product offering. Giorgio Benza, the Marketing Manager for Europe and the Middle East, is also hoping to develop a BR Cafe model on the London High Streets.

With 20 stores in India, Shareef also employs more than a 100 people in India, Belgium, the Gulf, USA and the UK as part of Appware, an IT company that he owns which aims at providing business solutions in POS, personnel management and financial management.